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Freedom Maine Historical Society Keen Hall

Meeting House in Freedom Maine

The Metting house in Freedom Maine before restoration
The Meeting House in Freedom Maine after restoration
Before Restoration
After Restoration



The “Old Town Meeting House” was the first historic restoration projects of the Freedom Community Historical Society (FCHS). Town Meetings were held there for over ninety years until 1947. It was restored with guidance from Maine State Preservation Commission and completely funded by local fundraising, volunteer labor, and many modest foundation grants. The value of that project was approximately $185,000. Completed in 2013, it was the site of Freedom's Bicentennial Celebration in that year.

Town Meetings were held here for ninety years until 1947. After that it was used mainly as a town garage. The Historical Society initiated and guided the major restoration project that took place over the years with many grants and hours of volunteer labor.

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