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The fully restored Keen Hall Community Center will serve the Freedom Community Historical Society as headquarters and serve as home of our archival collections of oral, print, photographic, and digital
resources of local and historical importance. As progress proceeded towards a planned completion in 2023, the local public has become increasingly aware of the social and educational value of local historic preservation -- resulting in a growing collection of some 8000 catalogued documents, another 520 awaiting final categorization, and an additional 21 cubic feet of documents, pictures, and bound records.
They document Freedom's 19th century representing resource-based manufacturing heritage (lumber mills, grist mills, and vegetable & baked bean canning). Records from the Dirigo Grange preserve the
traditions of the town's agricultural legacy that continues to this day. Town ledgers provide house-to- house descriptions of daily life - livestock, personal property, and real estate -- dating for over 100 years from the 1880s.


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